Ik10 custom enclosure design

IK10 Custom Enclosure Design

This one of a kind, functionally challenging IK10 custom enclosure design was done to ensure that these data logger devices survive the most extream environmental conditions where is it mostly deployed. Off late, due to stiff competition, the markets started demanding data loggers which are aesthetically pleasing apart from being functionally superior.

This project started with understanding existing enclosure design which has been deployed in the current market. This gave us the opportunity to study the impact of the environment on the enclosure and design a better IK10/ IP67 compliant design.


What followed was to define our goals which captures the aspirations of the customer. Below is a theme board which defines our aesthetic goals.

Once our client aligned with our vision, we moved to the product conceptualisation phase.

IK10 custom enclosure design



On consensus, the team moved into product engineering and building prototypes for validation.

Engineering Development – main functional concerns included usability during onsite servicing, reliability of ingress sealing, self-clinging hardware which makes servicing easier apart from packaging the required electronic boards to survive vibrations. The PCB’s were mounted on vibration mounts. Aluminium alloy was chosen as the material for functional reasons to ensure adequate heat dissipation from the internal PCB to the ambient. The enclosure body was indirectly used as a heat sink.


IK10 custom enclosure design


Product Visualisation.

IK10 custom enclosure design

Product Prototyping

IK10 custom enclosure design

Final Design of the IK10 custom enclosure design

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