Clutch Global Leader

TEQZO Consulting named Clutch Top Creative and Design Agencies 2020. In the previous year, we were among the Clutch Global Leader 2019.

clutch global leader

TEQZO Consulting’s exclusive focus on product design has led us to be named as a global leader by Clutch. Based in Bangalore, India, we have worked with companies all around the world including Airbus and IKEA. Specifically, we offer our clients services in product development, industrial design, 3D modelling, engineering design, and prototyping. Our recognition by Clutch as a top 15 product design firm includes our presence on the list of the best design firms. 

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform located in Washington, D.C providing prospective clients with the resources necessary to choose the service provider right for the job. Clutch publishes past customer reviews on company profiles to provide the most information possible. A review of a current project with a medical device company highlights our continuing work with a tech startup.

clutch global leader

“They take their work very seriously and make sure that they are always working toward the end goals of their client.” – Jayadeep Unni, CEO at Sensivision Health

A sister site to Clutch, The Manifest, is a B2B shortlist resource to again highlight top-performing companies, but also provide business how-to guides and industry-specific news. Visual Objects is a portfolio style website to showcase the best design agencies in India. Our profile on Visual Objects helps clients see real-life examples of the work we are able to complete.

“We are incredibly humbled and excited to be featured as Clutch Global Leader in Creative & Design Category. We are looking forward to our next big goal.” – Shanavas M S, CEO and Creative Director at TEQZO Consulting.