IoT based Public Service Device

Public Service Kiosk Design

The main objective was to re-design a growth monitoring device deployed in a public health centre into an IoT based Public Service Kiosk

Public service devices that are deployed by various governments are transforming, thanks to the intervention and participation of private players who work on the edge of technology and design. This transformation brings in enormous savings in public spending, quicker delivery of service to millions of beneficiaries.

The design team took time to understand the pain points of the existing system to set up an aggressive goal to the unleash maximum impact.

IoT Public Service Machine

Below is a top-level presentation of the solution delivered to the stakeholders.

Public Service Kiosk

Public Service Kiosk

Public Service Kiosk

The design of the IoT public service kiosk was approved with minor improvements and was validated with prototypes.

ioT Public Service Machine

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