GPS Navigation Device for Vehicles – Custom Design

This project showcases various stages of design of a vehicle-mounted GPS navigation device. Challenges included – design for harsh use cases scenarios, dynamic conditions like vibrations and exposure to extreme temperatures. The design also needed to be tamper-proof and should have strong build quality.

The design team started studying similar products to understand the design considerations that are important for the project. Image of the legacy product (below). This is our starting point!

custom gps navigation device

Qualitative research was done to develop QMI (quick market intelligence) for the project.

Ideation sketches below were done as part of warming up into the concept stage.

gps-navigation-device gps-navigation-device gps-navigation-device


Concepts were scattered all around the solution space and there was pressure to get narrow and focused. This time, a basic architecture was frozen and the team got into refining the concepts further.


gps navigation device



There was a certain amount of clarity at this stage. Refinement continued further by getting to more details.


gps navigation device


The product development team got into action and build 3D CAD models to validate the concepts. The internal architecture was confirmed along with the position of key components.


One CAD validation was complete, further refinement was done on the graphics and CMF.


Product graphics were iterated to very fine details on this design of the GPS navigation device.


The final design was presented and the team was extremely happy with the outcome. What was left was the prototype validation followed by pilot production (for compliance).

3D prints were quickly done within our studio to check the fitment of the internal components. This activity is mandatory in our studio as it would help us get closer to a production-quality CAD model.

Stay tuned while we update this case study with more contents.

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