IoT-Enabled Medical Device Design

This case study is about a simple enclosure design project for an IoT-Enabled medical device. A great deal of value addition is achieved with this device by connecting the data of a conventional ECG device to the internet. This resulted in a completely new and disruptive business model for the client.

The client introduced the project with a very basic POC which they rigged up in their lab.

After a quick round of ideation sketches, the design team shortlisted the following forms for development.

Understanding the stack-up of the internal architecture was key to the mechanical engineering of the device. Once the preliminary stack-up was understood, the preferred concept was refined.

Engineering CAD model for DFMA was done based on the stack-up. (dimensions are masked on purpose)

The CAD was tooled up for injection molding.

Plastic parts from the tool (T1) were inspected and the team focussed in developing CMF for product graphics.

Final outcome was checked and approved for production.

End of Document.