IP67 Enclosure Design

One of the most challenging enclosure design projects is perhaps IP67 enclosure design for automotive electronics. These enclosures are subjected to unprecedented vibration, extreme temperature variations along with most unfavourable ingress and impact conditions.

The project team consisted mostly of mechanical engineers supported by industrial designers. As usual, project incubation included the study of existing products, learning the best practices in the industry and gearing up to set challenging goals for the project.

IP67 enclosures

Styling inspiration was set up using the above image board by the industrial design team. This was followed by ideation sketches.IP67 Enclosure Design

Visualisation CAD was done to evaluate potential concepts.

IP67 enclosure designThese concepts were subjected to a selection process using a Pugh matrix where the design criteria are weighed again concept features.

IP67 enclosure designThe design team worked in close co-operation with the client-side engineers to make key refinements in the construction based on availability of hardware parts, ease of manufacturing and assembly.

IP67 Enclosure Design


Key changes were made and the design was moving towards its final revision.

IP67 Enclosure DesignValidation of the design was done by building the Mark1 prototype.IP67 Enclosure DesignGraphics & UI design.
IP67 Enclosure DesignFurther, engineering refinement on Mark1 prototypes resulted in Mark2 prototypes which are now ready for mass production. Prior to mass production, new prototypes of the IP67 Enclosure Design was built for testing and compliance.

IP67 Enclosure DesignEnd of Document.