Point of Care Device

Medical Device Design

The most striking aspect of this point of care medical device design is its patented technology. Working with a medical design startup mentored by one of the most renowned professors of the Indian Institute of Science was an amazing experience. The device can conduct about eight health tests instantly compared to conventional methods which could take hours and days. This spot testing is done by disposable strips that are specially developed for this device.

Industrial design activity for this medical device design was very iterative in nature. The internal architecture was evolving, hence the medical device enclosure. Below images describe the various steps that the team has gone through to take this product to market.


The team started with building an enclosure around the bench version on the PCB. This was quickly followed by prototype to evaluate the aesthetics and functionality of the device.

point-of-care-medical-deviceThe client wasn’t happy with the bench version enclosure, hence the team started iteration on a revised form factor though this would result in a re-spin of the PCB.


One of the above concepts were shortlisted and team started towards detailing the enclosure design.



Finally, the enclosure went through one more round of refinement to arrive at the final version.

The design was 3D printed for validation of fit and finish. Cross functional team which was responsible for manufacturing moved in and tooling was done for the final design.

plastic prototyping and tooling

plastic enclosure designFrist samples [T1] were pretty successful, with all plastic snaps working and minimum mould defects.
medical device designColour – Material – Finish of the point of care medical device design was evaluated and preferred colour choices were made.

The product is now ready ready for mass production. Read more about this device here.