electronic metal enclosures

Electronic Metal Enclosure Design

Electronic metal enclosure design for the solar charge controllers involved creating a family of products that have a common identity. The enclosure design had to be very cost effective as the production volumes were not permitting mass production processes like injection moulding etc. The design was cleverly done to appear like  moulded but fabricated using sheet metal. Plastic trims, minimal label design and similar perforations used across the electronics enclosure design created a sense of common identity throughout the variety of products.

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sheet-metal-enclosures electronic-enclosure-designmodular-enclosure-designelectronic-enclosure-designThe client preferred the Concept 2 for the electronic enclosure design, as it had the strong potential to deliver a visual identity to the brand.

The team set out to complete the engineering design, label design and finally validating the product before mass production.

electronic-enclosure-design Label design with CMF details. Engineering CAD details

Prototyping of the electronic enclosure design was done to validate the design.[below]

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