LED Lamp Design

Solar LED Lamp Design

Inspired by India, the project goal was to create a versatile Solar LED lamp. The design team worked to ensure the product fit well into the life style of the poorest of the poor. The product design process described below outline the journey of the team consisting of designers and engineers.

rural solar lantern design

rural solar lantern design

Ecosystem Research:

Initial research and incubation gave the design team insights into the lifestyle of the typical user. Product eco-system was purposely avoided to remove any reference designs.

Concept ideation :

solar lamp designConcept Refinement :Solar LED LampSolar LED LampConcept Detailing:
Solar LED LampSolar LED LampCAD Visualisation: Prototyping:
Final Design:Solar LED LampFeatures :Solar LED LampInternal Engineering:Solar LED LampSolar LED LampTool Development:Solar LED LampPackaging: (Courtesy Rural Spark)
Impact!!Solar LED Lamp

Rural Spark Product Eco-system: