Custom Medical Trolley Designs

Gamma Camera is one of the most advanced real time imaging systems in nuclear medicine. Our team had prior experience in custom medical trolley designs.

The design team started with understanding the market landscape by listing all types of gamma based imaging systems.


Further, we worked on the internal architecture to define the overall size of the product. Once we received approval on the internal floor plan, the team went on to benchmark aesthetic references.

What followed was ideation sketching to visualise the product before going into CAD.


Proportions were worked out in 2D illustration.

Rough 3D CAD models were developed to sign-off on the proportions.

The design director felt it to be very plain and unappealing, which led the one more round of design re-spin. This time, the team was extremely happy about the outcome.


Various functional features were evaluated before prototyping the custom medical trolley designs.

Prototype details after powder coating.

Design features. Below prototype images.

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