Best Street Furniture From Top Design Studios That Stood The Test Of Time

Perfect street furniture design by on the top design studios in Bengaluru that stood the test of time.

This project was done as part of a competition conducted by the Bangalore City Planning Board, to discover street furniture designs that could sustain and survive the harsh outdoor environment and still stay beautiful and relevant. This project was initiated in 2001.

The design offers the following features :
1. Green & Sustainable Design
2. Designed for short sitting and avoids people from sleeping due to the curved sitting surface.
3. Weather friendly, no rainwater collects above or below the product.
4. Easy to clean underside as the furniture is fixed on just two poles.
5. Prevents stray dogs from sleeping on it.
6. Safety from vandalism and potential misuse as there are no elements that could be removed for any public violence.
7. No Maintenance as the mild steel sections weather well over time.

Time took: 4 weeks during 2001
Team: Shanavas M S (Currently he heads one of the top design studios in Bengaluru.)