Industrial Design Experts Speak at CPDM Silver Jubilee Monthly Celebration Series

The 9th episode of the CPDM Silver Jubilee Monthly Celebration Series was held on Monday, 07th November 2022 at 17:00 at Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Mr. Shanavas MS, Chief Design Director, Teqzo Consulting, was one of the panel of “industrial design experts”.

One of the key points he made during his speech was about the need to introspect the impact of design and designers in the last 100 years in the quality of life of a common man.

He suggested to measure the impact based on how the world is suitable and liveable for human beings in general. Though we ride on the top of technology today, he wondered that the world is less safer, more polluted, and more riskier of current and future generations.

Though we continue to learn lessons from our past, like the impact of IC engines (automobile pollution). We still seems to be not bothered of the negative impacts that the much hyped EV revolution (which is taking shape) may have on our future generations couple of decades down the line.

He concluded by urging the younger designers to be conscious of the impact of the design decisions that they take everyday. He called upon all the organisations and design institutions to include this aspect of “long term impact of design decisions” as part of the design process.

See full programme here on YouTube.