Wireless Office Endoscope Design


This wireless office endoscope design is one of the most advanced office endoscope design you will come across. This medical product design project is very unique to us as the scope covered from ideation all the way to certification and testing. The following design is patent pending in the US, China and Indian patent offices under various categories.

Design Research:

The project started will research into exiting solutions, materials and processes that may have advanced during the last decade. We wanted to set a goal to develop a product not only for the current market, but also to remain meaningful for the next 5 to 10 years.

Design Approach :

Creation of a benchmark wireless office endoscope design needs a challenging design approach. One of the strength of our studio is to embrace challenges and hence we set out to develop not one but many different design approaches to achieve our goal.

Our team used Pugh Matrix to evaluate the various approaches and select the desired design approach.

Wireless Office Endoscope Design Conceptualisation:

Based on the selected approach, various designs were developed.



These concepts were visualised and the design was selected in consultation with the client.


Final design:


Product Identity design :

During this stage, the visual communication team was working on creating a new identity for the product in view of global market and several competitive products. Finally, the product was rebranded and taken up for further development.

Product development and prototyping of medical devices :

After thorough engineering design following ISO13485 medical devises quality standards, the team build prototypes for various testing and validations.


Final Product : Wireless Office Endoscope design

Product Testing:

Product testing is done on two fronts. One from the compliance side and the other from the performance side.

Performance Testing using bell-pepper (below)


Currently this product is in pre-compliance stage and is open of techno-commercial partnerships. See video below.

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