Premium Headphone Designs

Lifestyle products like premium headphone designs are highly sensitive to aesthetics, human-factors and functionalities alike. They offer challenges from all aspects of design. In this project, we spent a lot of time in qualitative research in order to find the design demand that our design can offer,


Further, we got user in the centre of the whole though process. Defining the right persona is key to the success of the design.

Of course, we went about understanding what the current market had to offer our target customers.

Premium lifestyle headphones we categorised based on several aspects. All were studied in detail.

The research went more focused on key target areas. Hardpoints were also identified at this point.

Some benchmarks were identified to go after and our goal was to create enough barriers with features and styling.

What followed was rigorous ideation and concept development,





The chosen design was validated by a simple exercise – get the designs out there in the market landscape and check how it appears.

We got the client involved and started focusing on one particular design.

CAD refinements were done to generate photorealistic renders of the desiogn.

The engineering folks went into the last millimetre to get the best out of the design to build a prototype.

The activity goes on and on. Refinements after refinement to build a truly impactful design more that any client would imagine.

End of document.