Playset Toy Design

This playset toy design project started as an exploration for developing imaginative scenarios that could be payed by young children. Scenarios like princess castle, horse farm were explored for the playlet toy design.  The toy designers took up castle as the theme and explored possibilities.


The client reviewed the sketches and re-directed the team to work on specific sizes which was based on a series of toys that the client had. Below is the template which was shared to the team. This time, the team was asked to work specifically on a particular subject – “Horse Farm”


Project 1 : The Farm

The team got back and started ideating around the the horse farm theme. The team incubated by studying several benchmarks to set their goal.

Conceptualisation was done to arrive at details.

As per the client requirement, moving parts in the design were identified to increase the play value. These moving parts would improve the imagination of the child.

After spending a good amount of time on the concepts, the team started building CAD models. CAD modelling seemed more complex than thought due to characterisation issues.

Final CAD model ready for tooling. CAD shows the open condition of the farm playset toy design.

CAD model showing the toys closing to form the cup-cake.

Completed CAD model, ready for tooling.


Project 2 – The Princess Castle

The product design team now turned their attention to the next playset toy design, the princess castle. Starting with development of theme board of the most popular toys sets in the market.

Keeping the template in mind, the designers started conceptual work.

Details were figured out to get into the CAD models.

CAD model – almost closed cup cake enclosing the princess castle environment.


Below image – Podium doubling up as a single to integrate the two halves.

Below image – more details

Below image – princess castle environment in fully open position. CAD ready for tooling.


Project 3 – The Mall

The team continued similar design activities to complete the third playlet toy design – “The Mall”. Below you can see the CAD details.


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