Industrial Automation Cabinets

Industrial automation cabinets are typically under the hood products. They are more functional and installed deep inside automation centres which makes them hardly visible to customer. This project started as a boring metal enclosure design project, but finally turned out to be exciting. The design team fabricated the first prototype which was functional to test the fitment of internal components.

The design director felt that the team could do more and decided to set a higher goal for aesthetics and user experience.

The clients approved the revised design for fabrication. Below are Version 2 prototypes.

Print files for silk screen printing on powder coated metal enclosures.

Screen printed inner front panel. The outer front panel holds the LCD industrial automation cabinets LCD panel.

The design team has achieved remarkable improvement much beyond the expectation of the client who just wanted a normal metal enclosure. We have pushed the industrial automation cabinets design to a new level enriching the product with style and energy complimenting the real performance of the product.

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