Toy Product Design & Prototyping

Toy product design starts with rough illustrations and concept art. The goal is to define the play activities that results in good play value. We aim at providing an immersive experience to the kids by engaging then in role pay and imagination.


Client inputs defined the overall goal for the project.


The main character was detailed and rendered to 3D quality to get client approval. These will be the final concept for sculpting designers to follow. Now it is the time for the mechanical engineers to define the mechanism that was expected out of the princess doll.

CAD detailing was followed through to develop the packaging mock-up of the doll and its accessories. This prototype plan also would validate the mechanism to squeeze out the play dough, through the head portion.

Its time now, to build a CMF prototype and take the final review before tool development and mould trials.

toy prototyping

toy design

toy design

toy designFinally, the kids get to play with it.toy design