Touchless Soap Dispenser Designs

This product design case study of touchless soap dispenser designs demonstrates a quick turnaround project which involves competitor product evaluation, design, engineering and 3D print prototyping.

The project started with benchmarking competitor products and setting ourself a goal.


Our engineering team got in action to set up electro-mechanical goals and defined the internal floor plan of the product by building a quick POC of the solution.

POC development in simple sheet metal chassis and locally available components.

Once the POC is done, the ID team was pulled in to develop aesthetic product design sketching.

The above inspiration board led to the following sketches of ideas and concepts.

Concepts were refined further taking DFMA into consideration.

Concept 1 was selected for CAD development. After completion of CAD development, 3D printing was done using SLS technology to validate the designs further.

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