Rotomolding Product Designs

This is one of the unique industrial design projects done using rotomolding product designs as manufacturing process. The client discussed us with the task to build “a smart nourishing machine to ensure healthy growth of aqua-habitats during aqua farming”. The design brief focused on creating a strong visual identity, integrate smart technology, and make more user friendly that any existing solutions.

Design Research :

Design research started on many fronts, prominent being rotomolding product designs as we wanted to update ourselves with the latest happening in the rotational moulding industry.

Product Ecosystem Study :

Key insights are drawn from product ecosystem study. Existing design which was done by rotational moulding was studied in detail which led to defining the expectations or design brief of the project.


Design Thinking for Concept Development:

The team brainstormed using design thinking methods to arrive at aside variety of ideas and approaches. Lateral thinking tools were deployed to stay away from the obvious solutions that one could think.




Concepts Visualisation :

A promising concept was selected in consultations with the client to develop further. Design engineers joined the team to add details regarding roto moulding design guidelines into the selected concept.


Proportions were tweaked to accommodate the design for manufacturing and meet product design specifications. Here on, the concept will start getting more realistic and practical.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) :

The do’s and don’t of rotomolding design practices were applied to the design and CAD models developed to compete the DVT ( design validation and testing ) before handing over the designs to the manufacturing teams.

Colour Material and Finished Design :

CMF designs are integral part of our design process and the project was completed with proposing a variety of CMF options.

These CMF are achieved by pigmentation of the polymers and the surface finished on the roto moulding tool.

Disclaimer: The above information is only meant to provide an idea about roto-moulding product design to the reader and hence thoughtful omissions are done to the project case study.