Paediatric Medical Device

Product design phase of this hand held paediatric medical device started with the study of the product ecosystem. Since the product is positioned to be used by paediatric doctors, their professional aspirations as well as ergonomic factors were studies by closely engaging with them.


Images board captures aesthetic factors that may influence the final deign.Handheld-medical-product-design-1

Understanding usability and ergonomics were very crucial to the design of the product.

Initial study pointed to several opportunities for the product, specially for large volume screening of patients in medical camps, schools and public health centres.Handheld-medical-product-design-1

Based on the initial study, the design specification were vetted against the available alternatives to understand how they position int he market and reveal opportunity for the new design.

Concepts GeneraitonHandheld-medical-product-design-1 Handheld-medical-product-design-1 Handheld-medical-product-design-1 Handheld-medical-product-design-1 Handheld-medical-product-design-1 Handheld-medical-product-design-1

Quick low fidelity prototypes were built to evaluate the ergonomics and usability of the designs.

Further, a particular concept direction was evolved and the design refined to meet the finer details of the design specification.


Rapid prototyping was deployed to quickly built a “look alike & work alike” prototype and was subjected to further evaluation which included low level filed trials.Handheld-medical-product-design-1

Designs were further refined to satisfy the aspirations of aesthetics for potential customers as well as other product stakeholders.
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