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Point of Care Device

Multi-Analyte point of care device is unlike the glucometer machine, where only one parameter is measured. This industrial design project required thorough understanding of the visual perceptions of typical glucometer machines only to stay away from generating yet another similar looking device. Multi-Analyte devices are capable of measuring multiple health parameters using the same blood/ urine sample. Functionally they are much more sophisticated than the glucometers, hence it was important to design an appearance which reflected the capability of the product.

Our team ventured into the project by building an image board which represented typical glucometer machines.

Since this device is pitched for personalised home care, we knew that it cannot get extremely complex and unapproachable as well. Ergonomic aspects were studied such that prior know how of typical glucometer is utilised and intuitively design the UI to enable the end user to handle this multi-analyte device.

point-of-care-medical-device-14Ideation sketches were made to define the basic form of the product.


Quick CAD visualisation was done to evaluate the forms in proportion. The focus was to understand which form was appropriate for next refinement.


The design team realised that the product that had vertical stance stood different from typical hand held glucometer devices, hence refinement was taken up on one of the above concepts.


The UI team members started working on building custom designs for the display.

Medical UI design

Thus we arrived at the final design.

point-of-care-medical-deviceVariation with white boarder around the screen.
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