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Design for Rural Markets

Product design for rural markets [rural India], are extremely challenging as the products are expected to be rugged, highly durable, highly intuitive and cost effective. At the same time, designers need to address the aesthetic aspirations of people. Designing such solar products starts with understanding the rural ecosystem. Quick market intelligence gave insights into the cultural reservations, buying patterns, aesthetic sensitivities and several other influencing factors.


Insights collected from the detailed market research done by Rural Spark [client], gave our design team enormous learning which lead to the concept phase of the activity.

Our customer had a very unique business model and products design to fit the business model need to be unique too. [Images courtesy ; Rural Sparks]


Soon after an extensive incubation period the team was engaged in an intense conceptualisation phase.
A large variety of  concepts were deliberated against the design specification set earlier in the project and a specific approach was selected for further refinement.

Solar LED Lamp

Digital validation of the designed were done using CAD visualisation which lead to further refinement.

Designs underwent yet another round of refinement to arrive at the final version. Design for efficient transportation and logistics were also validated as stack efficiency of the products while in use was an important criteria discovered int he initial research phase.

Colour, Material and Finish [CMF] also was considered in detail to define product identity which resulted in the final design that is taken up for tooling and mass production. One of the main highlights of this product design is that the design was done to simplify tooling [no side cores required], inspite of having connector ports on all sides of the device.Final Design of Cube :

Tool Development:

Impact !!

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