Talking Books: Awesome DIY project for kids

The idea of the project was to inspire young kids to participate in a hands-on activity with some awesome DIY project.

The speech bubble is very comical and connects directly with everyone irrespective of the age. This is an awesome DIY project for kids that are fun and playful. The speech bubbles when put on the books which have characters, they suddenly transform the books into comic book-like scenarios which interact with us in an animated fashion. The otherwise boring textbooks are now more interesting and brings joy to kids.

How to get this awesome project done in under 30 minutes.
Step 1: Pick the right speech bubble for any word processors. Be creative with colour and shape. Speech bubbles are available in almost all word processors (like MSWord or Pages).
Step2: Write in the details you want to speak out through the speech bubble. Be creative once again.
Step3: Organise the speech bubbles in an A4 sheet format (use parents/ adults help). Print them on sticker paper (you get these from stationery shops).
Step4: Cut them carefully and it is ready to use.

See the sample project below.

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