Best Practices in Design Thinking for all.

We believe creativity should be very inclusive and should not rest with a few elite individuals or a team. Creativity is important to a consumer (everyone) as much as to a designer. Design thinking is traditionally practised by designers for donkey’s years but now, thanks to pioneers like Stanford and IDEO, it has gained so much of popularity that others professions and students alike are taking it upon to stay creative.

We at TEQZO, never let go of a chance to listen to practising designers to learn about the best practices. We have been compiling all these thoughts and even formulated a workshop on design thinking.

Below are some of the interactions with professional designers who dropped in at our studio to share their best practices in design.

We would love to host any expert in our studio. Interested, please drop in an email

Featured Designer: Félix Botella [Co-founder and Lead Designer at EzyGain]

Featured Designer : Pieter Lesage [Founder/ CEO/ Designer], Studio Dott. Berchem, Belgium
Featured Designer: Baptist [Fashion Designer], France.