7 ways to Build a Great Product.

One of the biggest questions manufacturers as well as designers wanted to know is ” How to build great products?”. Having spent more than a decade in Industrial design consulting, we tried to find the answer to the big question.

IISc Start-up Meet [03.08.2017] 
Shanavas M S [Director & Principle Designer] was among the panelist for the discussion ” Challenges in your Entrepreneurial Venture” at EntIISc


Sketching Workshop [17.07.2017] : As part of Gemklip.com initiative to inspire by design.
Location  : Teqzo Consulting Studio, Bangalore.


Brainstorming Session for TIVA, our first crowd funding project initiative  [02.02.2017] 
Members : Teqzo Design Team 


Gemklip brand participation at Ripples 2017 Event [03.03.2017] 
Members : Teqzo Design Team

Brainstorming Session with Students of TU Delft, Nederlands [22.04.2017] 
Members : Teqzo Design Team + Emma & Bianca

Monthly team meeting [09.01.2017] 
Members : Design Team

Launch of Mingle – Collaborative Workspace Solution for Start-ups [28.11.2016] 
Participated @ BangaloreIT.Biz, Nov 28th -30th, 2016


Teqzo Collaborations [2016] China & Taipei.
China [Xiamen] manufacturing partner

China [Shenzhen] manufacturing partner

Taiwan [Taipei] manufacturing partner

China [Zuhai] manufacturing partner

Team Outing [01.10.2015] @ Chikkamangaluru

Monthly team meeting [04.07.2015] 
Members : Design Team


Team Photo [25.04.2015] 
Members : Design Team


Key note speaker [26.02.2015] : Life With Design @ CPDM, Indian Institute of Science. Bangalore 
Speaker : Shanavas M S

On 26th February 2015, Mr.Shanavas, Design Director of Teqzo Consulting was invited to talk at Ripples, the annual design show of Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The theme for this year was ‘Life with Design’ and Shanavas candidly spoke of all the ups and downs he has faced in the profession. The talk was very interactive with students bombarding him with queries.


Design Inspirations [2015] 
Featured Designers : Pieter Lesage [Founder/ CEO/ Designer], Studio Dott. Berchem, Belgium


Photography Workshop [09.07.2014] : Sharing Best Practices

This was part of the weekly session which was meant to share best practices.
Time taken : Weekend
Team : Sandeep & design Team.


Design Inspirations [04.06.2014] 
Featured Designers : Amit Banerjee [Assistant Professor at The Pennsylvania State University} & Ratanjit Sohal [Director – Uttejna Health Care]


Event Summary [2015] 

Design Inspirations [02.05.2014] 
Featured Designer : Félix Botella [Co-founder and Lead designer at EzyGain]

Design Inspirations [12.04.2014] 
Featured Designer : Manon Foucraut [Interior Designer]


Visit to Mahabalipuram Shore Temple [2014] : Culture and Heritage study 

This documentation was part of our culture and heritage study which we did during our visit to Mahabalipuram (South of India).
Time taken : Weekend
Team : Design Team.


DIYa Diwali Lamps [2014] : Photography 

Idea of this project was to learn photography in low light conditions. The team made use of simple orange peels to create innovative Diwali lamps.
Time taken : Weekend
Team : Shanavas & Kumar.


Origami Lamp [2014] : Experimental Design

Idea of this project was to experiment on advanced origami techniques. This was part of skill improvement session that are done weekly at our studio. After the session, some of us will get hooked on to such techniques and they follow it up to create something valuable. It takes determination and patience to learn and execute.
Time taken : 1 Week
Team : Gauthier R


Talking Books [2013] : DIY Project. 

Idea of the project was to inspire young kids to participate in hands on activity which are simple yet inspiring. The speech bubbles when put on the books which has characters suddenly transforms the books into comic book like scenarios which interact with us in an animated fashion.
Time taken : Weekend
Team : Shanavas & his kids.

Simple to do: Make a simple speech bubble in word processing software and print it on sticker paper [easily available in any stationary shop]. The result is phenomenal as the child gets to participate in the process, inspiring them to realise that they can make stuff which are unique and also put to use.


Ri Cube [2013] : Up cycling project.

The idea of this project was to make our design team more sensitive about up cycling and sustainability in their every day work.
Time taken : Weekend
Team : Design team Scrap materials [thermocol] in form factors ideal for sitting posture combined with raw materials used in rickshaw canopy [commonly available in local workshops] does the magic ! A rickshaw driver led us to a local fabricator who did the stitching for us in no time.
Its ultra modular and weather resistant. Its super light and extra robust to use.Quiet cool stuff. We all enjoyed building it up during a weekend !


Street Furniture [re-visited in 2012 after more than 10 years] : Design Competition

This project was done as part of a competition conducted by the Bangalore City Planning Board, to discover street furniture designs that could sustain and survive the harsh outdoor environment as still stay beautiful and relevant.
Time taken : 4 weeks during 2001
Team : Shanavas M S


Bio mimicry : inspired from nature, photography