Product Design Process

Gone are those days when industrial design was aimed at imparting cosmetic embodiment [style] to any product. It was often considered trivial as compared to engineering design. It was the last in line in the product development cycle.

Now, in the increasing competitive market, customers are demanding more and more value in whatever they buy [invest], prompting business to focus more and more of ways to create value in their product.


TEQZO’s product design process is pivoted on “Value by Design”.

“We believe that it is not about what product one can design, it is about what value it can deliver”


“Value by Design” is the key focus in all our product design projects. Value creation happens when you do a 360 degree Innovation around the product ecosystem, right from sourcing to disposal and everything in between.


Conventionally, the cost, time and resources increases rapidly as we progress through the product development cycle. An idea would pop out in a split second and would not cost anything to the organisation, while a product manufacturing will involve very large number of its employees working over months and consuming millions of dollars.

It is very important to have the right idea getting developed into a product. It will be very unfortunate for any company to realise the weakness of the idea, after it had progressed much into the development stage. By this time the  company would have consumed enormous amount of cost, time and resource.

Our design process ensures that we establish the worthiness of the idea (problem or opportunity)  thoroughly well before any concept exploration. We do this by involving stake holders from all departments right from sourcing to logistics to maintenance and service teams. We call it deep diving where we step back and establish the root cause of the problem.


This is simply done by asking five why’s until they get really absurd.


Now, the team is well equipped with clarity on the problem that has to be tackled. Then, we use mind mapping and time and feature scanning (proprietary tool developed by TEQZO) to mine out potential opportunities.


The team, now goes through a series of divergent and convergent thought process (design thinking) to ensure all possibilities are explored before a design decision is made. Divergent thinking is about generating enormous amount of solutions which out much judgement, while convergent thinking is about using clear judgement to select potential solutions.This design thinking process is repeated tirelessly at every stage of product development right from choosing colour-material -finish to selecting the right hardware to choosing the right materials and processes. Thus, ensuring minimum risk of a product failure.  The intensity of design thinking will be higher in the early stages of design than the later. We believe, it is better to fail earlier than later !


No wonder, our activity sketch looks like this !


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