OBD2 automotive product design makes the best use of technology advancements in connectivity, data analytics and artificial intelligence. Among many applications, vehicle diagnostics is one of the most popular. This project started with an inspirational vision by the client. Our product design activity started with understanding the requirements with the help of a mind map.
automotive product designThis was followed up with a QMI [quick market intelligence] research.
automotive product designautomotive product designNext in the course was product development and our team had to ensure that the clients aspirations are covered. Hence a wide variety of concepts were done to capture their interest.
automotive product design
Concept Refinement [below].

One of the concepts were selected and refined for client presentation.
automotive product design
This lead to the engineering team to get into focus.
Several iterations were done on the CAD, before the team deciding to go for the first cut prototyping.
automotive product designWe design team found great opportunity for space optimisation and started working on the form once again. This time, the team had to trade off the aesthetics with the functional requirements.
automotive product designautomotive product designThis time, the team was able to achieve the right fit. Once again its time to validate the design. Few grey areas were the glowing logo and the CMF.
automotive product designautomotive product designPrototyping at our manufacturing partner in Xiamen, China.automotive product designFinally, the product is tested and validated.

Multiple prototype stages leading to the high fidelity ‘look alike & work alike” prototype.

automotive product designThe logo illumination performed as expected.
automotive product designautomotive product design automotive product design