Lumos backpack battery pack design assignment was more about brand building than about mechanical packaging. The design team made use of the opportunity to discover a new user experience for checking the residual battery charge in line with smart phones and gadgets.solar-battery-pack-1 Concept explorationsolar-battery-pack-2

CAD visualisation details various details and features about the product.solar-battery-pack-3 solar-battery-pack-4

Rapid prototyping was done to realise a high fidelity “look alike and work alike model” before going in for hard tooling.

solar-battery-pack-9solar-battery-pack-5 solar-battery-pack-7


Battery charge indicator button represented the brand [logo] and had four invisible level indications. On pressing the logo, the LED indications appear revealing the remaining charge present in the device. It stays for few second and later disappears.